Euro road trip

It started with a ticket, map and vague plan to cross Europe… I ended up visiting 17 countries and clocking up 10,000 km along the way.

Holland, Luxembourg and Switzerland

Crossed via the tunnel and spent the first weekend in The Hague, staying with some lovely Dutch sisters I met in Laos. Beautiful city, with a town like feel and sandy beach, what’s not to like!
Then rode south and visited an old house mate in Luxembourg who showed me the sights and sounds of the smallest country I ever been too. Continuing south I stayed a night in France before riding across the epic countryside that is Switzerland.


Met up with Miguel. Our last adventure together involved riding across the Himalayas. We now plan to spend two weeks riding across the Balkans. Starting with 2 incredible days riding across the mountains in the north of Italy, including the infamous Stelvio pass with it’s 75 or so hair pin bends!

and my personal favourite, the mountain roads in the dolomites. Should be more photos of these epic mountain roads, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves stop.


Spend 6 days in this beautiful country, riding south along the incredible coastal roads. Twisting and turning though picturesque villages set along side the turquoise sea. Strongly recommend Split, a living piece of history that’s not yet overrun with tourists. For some strange reason camping is twice the cost of Italy, €40 a night to pitch your own tent! Jokes… Luckily the locals rent out rooms around €20. Look for “App”/”Apartment”/”Zimmer” signs outside.


The adventure begins, ride along dirt roads, past minefields and abandoned war torn buildings. Beautiful countryside. Visit Mostar bridge

and stay the night in Sarajevo. Real mix of cultures. Lot’s of rain.


First stop is Guca a Eastern European Trumpet festival, bands playing from bar to bar with crowds following and dancing in the street. Real carnivalesque feel to it! Locals are super friendly and a little too generous with their deadly home made Rakija, up to 65% and kicks like a mule! While only small with 10,000 or so revellers, it is what I can only imagine Glastonbury use to be. Entry is free, pay around £10 per vehicle and 0-£20 for 5 days camping.

Spend the next night in Belgrade, great city and people. Very cheap even in sophisticated restaurants. Though slightly puzzled how they can build fancy new glass banks next to bullet ridden, bombed out buildings.


Beautiful country and the main reason for our trip. Lush countryside, medieval cities, horse drawn carts and the best mountain pass in Europe. The Transfagarasan highway…

Climbing to just over 2,000 meters it’s high for Europe but small compared to the Andes (4,000) or the Himalayas (5,300). But still a lot of fun!

Poland, Berlin and Ghent

Said goodbye to Miguel in Budapest. Wasn’t sure whether to go east or north, chatted to a Polish biker and my mind was made. Breakfast in Hungary, lunch in Slovakia and dinner in Krakow Poland. Krakow is a beautiful medieval city, spent few days there before riding across to Wroclaw for a night then up to Berlin. Fantastic party city, really love East Berlin. Few long nights here then across Germany is the rain and to Cologne. Last night was in Ghent, smaller version of Burges. With friendly locals, amazing beer and lots of chips and gravy.

Arrive home drenched, tired and deeply satisfied.

This was 5th big trip with a motorbike and easily the most comfortable on my Suzuki vStrom 650. Made it over 10,000 km without any major mechanic problems. Awesome ride.