My trips

In the summer of 2012 I was cycling across the north of Spain, giving me a taste for life on the road. A few days back in the office was all the conviction I needed. I promptly sold up and one month later I was motorbiking across the Himalayas, if you read one thing, let it be this.

After that I toured the golden triangle area of India and then flew south for Sri Lanka.

Having enjoyed the freedom of traveling on two wheels I decided to motorbike the
North of Vietnam. Sight seeing my way down, into Cambodia and across into Thailand. Where I met a mate and we motorbiked the North East of Thailand, along the Burmese border.

From there I headed North into Laos then back into Thailand to check out the south. Met a friend in Malaysia for Christmas then hopped onto the train to Singapore and found myself in Sydney for New years. Spent the summer in New Zealand. Then flew East to Chile. Here I bought a motorbike and traveled 10,000km across Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

2015 – Europe

Took a month off work to travel 10,000 km around Europe

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